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    Historical Sites

    Leyte Provincial Capitol

    Located at the corner of Sen. Enage Street and Magsaysay Boulevard, Tacloban City. Built in 1907, it is the seat of the provincial government of Leyte. It was also the seat of the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines when President Sergio Osmeña, Sr. came in 1944 with the WW II Liberation Forces. Historic viewing of murals depicting the First Christian Mass in the Orient and General Douglas MacArthur’s Landing is offered.

    CAP Building (formerly Price Mansion)
    Located in Justice Romualdez St., Tacloban City. An example of American colonial homes built in the 1900s. Sturdy mansion where General Douglas MacArthur put up his official headquarters and residence during the Liberation period in 1944.

    Redona Residence
    Located in T. Claudio Street, Tacloban City. Official residence of President Sergio Osmeña, Sr. when he stayed in the province with the American Liberation Forces in 1944 until the Philippine Commonwealth was re-established in Manila.

    Gen. Douglas Macarthur Landing Memorial Situated in Red Beach, Palo, Leyte, the monument marks the spot where General Douglas MacArthur landed with the American Liberation Forces in 1944. The statues of the liberators stand in a lagoon, 1.5 times bigger than lifesize. It is also the site of the 50th Leyte Landing Anniversary Commemorative Rock Garden of Peace. A beautiful beach can be found in the area.

    Hill 522
    Located in Palo, Leyte, 12 km. from Tacloban City, plus a trek 522 ft. up. Commonly called Guinhangdan Hill, it was the entrance to the first liberated town of Palo in 1944 after having been heavily bombarded to destroy the garrisons built by the Japanese artillery units. Foxholes built by the Japanese still exist. There is a memorial marker built by Mie Prefecture.

    Hill 120
    Located in Dulag, Leyte, 34 km. from Tacloban City. Commonly called Catmon Hill, it was where the first American flag was raised by the Liberation Forces of the U.S. Army on October 20, 1944 after the Fall of Bataan. Battle sites of Leyte Valley can be found here. It offers a panoramic view of Leyte Gulf and surrounding coastal towns; a landscaped garden with tropical flowers and shrubs; benches, concrete tables with canopy; restroom, open-air stage where memorial programs are held.

    Battle of Baluarte Marker
    Located in Baluarte, Brgy. Minuhang, Barugo, Leyte, 52 km. from Tacloban City. Site of the historic battle between Filipino guerrillas and Japanese Imperial Forces at dawn of August 24, 1944; significant because there was no Filipino casualty while all the Japanese except one were killed in the encounter. Spacious parking space; fresh young coconuts available by arrangement; fisherman’s village.

    Dio Mainland Resort
    Located in Brgy. San Jose, 7 km. from Tacloban City. Native cottages, native beach kiosks, function facilities, swimming pool, spacious parking area, restaurant, ground sports facilities. Commonly called Baluarte San Jose where remnants of World War II Japanese pill boxes and a canon still exist and preserved for viewing; panoramic view of Leyte Gulf and Samar Island.

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Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines

Hilongos Bell Tower
Located in Hilongos, Leyte. Highest existing bell tower built during the Spanish era; historic viewing of Spanish fort/marker at churchyard. Japanese War Memorial Cemetery. Located in Brgy. San Diego, Burauen, Leyte, 52 km. from Tacloban City. Site of one of the fiercest battles fought in Leyte for the liberation; Japanese cemetery frequently visited by memorial tour groups. Remnants of airfield built by the Japanese soldiers during World War II; flower garden where the Japanese visitors offer gifts and prayer for their dead.

Buga-Buga Hills
Located in Villaba, Leyte, 125 km. from Tacloban City. Mountain stronghold of General Suzuki where thousands of Japanese soldiers died defending the area and hundreds of American lives were sacrificed in the assault to capture this hill during World War II; frequented by big Japanese memorial tour groups and bone hunting expedition and object of pilgrimage by domestic and foreign tourists.

Philippine-Japan Peace Memorial
Located in Carlota Hills, Ormoc City, 109 km. from Tacloban City. An impressive memorial marker put up by Nagoya and Gifu Prefectures; one of the city’s picturesque hills overlooking Ormoc Bay. spacer spacer Boy Scout Monument Located in Rotunda at Fatima Village, Tacloban City. The first Boy Scout monument in the world erected in human form in 1941.

Monument of the Filipino Soldier
Located in the rotunda at Brgy. Pawing, Palo, Leyte. A tribute to the Filipino World War II soldiers and veterans who offered their supreme sacrifice for the sake of frredom. spacer spacer Palo Metropolitan Cathedral Located in Palo, Leyte, 12 km. from Tacloban City. Converted into an evacuation hospital of the Allied Forces of Liberation and refuge of civilians during World War II. Founded in 1596 by Augustinian friars; view of the famous Hill 522 overlooking Palo. Catholic church; landscaped grounds; gold-plated altar and stations of the cross carved by local artist.

Breakneck Ridge
Located in Brgy. Limon, Capoocan, Leyte, 72 km. from Tacloban City. Site of the bloodiest battles during the liberation of the Philippines; scenic viewing of the battle areas, nearby hills, and valleys; now a busy junction with street vendors, sari-sari stores, and eateries serving native food.

Tacloban City Hall
Located atop Kanhuraw Hill. Seat of the city government of Tacloban since June 12, 1952; overview of Tacloban City, Cancabato Bay, San Pedro Bay, San Juanico Strait, Cataisan Point and Samar Island; surrounding Philippine-Japanese peace memorial markers. Landscaped garden with concrete tables and chairs; canteen; function hall; tourism office.

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