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BOHOL Hotels, Beaches and Beach Resorts
Alona Kew White Beach Resort, Bohol Philippines
Alona Palm Beach Resort, Bohol Philippines
Ananyana Beach Resort, Bohol Philippines
Balicasag Island Dive Resort, Bohol Philippines
Bohol Beach Club, Bohol Philippines
Bohol Tropics Resort Club, Bohol Philippines
Crystal Coast Resort, Bohol Philippines
Hotel La Roca, Bohol Philippines
Metro Centre Hotel, Bohol Philippines
Olman's View Resort, Bohol Philippines
Panglao Island Nature Resort, Bohol Philippines

CEBU Hotels, Beaches and Beach Resorts
Alegre Beach Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Badian Island Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Casa del Mar, Cebu Philipppines
Cebu Beach Club, Cebu Philipppines
Cebu Grand Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Cebu Marine Beach Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Cebu Midtown Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Cebu White Sands, Cebu Philipppines
Cordova Reef Village Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Costabella Tropical Beach Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Days Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Eddie's Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Garwood Park Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Golden Peak Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Holiday Plaza Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Hotel de Mercedes, Cebu Philipppines
Island and Sun Beach Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Mango Park Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Maribago Bluewater, Cebu Philipppines
Marriott Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Metropolis Court Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Plantation Bay Mactan, Cebu Philipppines
Princeville Executive Villas, Cebu Philipppines
Pulchra Beach Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Quantum Cebu Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Richmond Plaza Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Sarrosa International Hotel, Cebu Philipppines
Shangri-la's Mactan Island Resort, Cebu Philipppines
Tambuli Beach Club East Wing, Cebu Philipppines
Tambuli Beach Club West Wing, Cebu Philipppines
Waterfront Hotel Cebu, Cebu Philipppines
Waterfront Hotel Mactan Philipppines


Amanpulo Pamalican Island Resort, Palawan Philippines
Barcelo Asturias Hotel, Palawan Philippines
Club Noah Isabelle, Palawan Philippines
Club Paradise Palawan, Palawan Philippines
Coco Loco Island Resort, Palawan Philippines
Coral Bay Resort, Palawan Philippines
Dive Link Resort, Palawan Philippines
Dos Palmas Arrecefi Island Resort, Palawan Philippines
El Nido Lagen Island Resort, Palawan Philippines
El Nido Minloc Island Resort, Palawan Philippines
Hillside Resort, Palawan Philippines
Lally and Abeth Beach Resort, Palawan Philippines
Legend Hotel Palawan, Palawan Philippines
El Rio y Mar Island Resort, Palawan Philippines
Princessa Holiday Resort , Palawan Philippines

DAVAO HOTELS and Beach ResortS
Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao Philippines
Isla Malipano, Davao Philippines
Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao Philippines
The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao Philippines
Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao Philippines

more Hotels, Beaches and Beach Resorts in the Philippines to come...

BORACAY Hotels, Beaches and Beach Resorts
357 Boracay Resort, Boracay Philippines
Alice in Wonderland, Boracay Philippines
Alyssa Resort, Boracay Philippines
Asya Resort, Boracay Philippines
Bamboo Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Bans Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Blu Lily, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Beach Chalet, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Courtyard, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Gold Crowne, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Holiday Resort, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Peninsula, Boracay Philippines
• Boracay Plaza, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Regency, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Terraces, Boracay Philippines
Boracay Tropics, Boracay Philippines
Casa Pilar Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Chatlet Tirol, Boracay Philippines
Club Manila East, Boracay Philippines
Club Panoly Resort, Boracay Philippines
Club Ten Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Cocomangas, Boracay Philippines
Crystal Sand Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Cohiba, Boracay Philippines
Dave Straw Resort, Boracay Philippines
Deparis Resort, Boracay Philippines
Escondido Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Fairways & Bluewater, Boracay Philippines
Fat Jimmys, Boracay Philippines
Golden Sun, Boracay Philippines
Friday's Resort, Boracay Philippines
Hey Jude, Boracay Philippines
Jony's Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
La Carmela, Boracay Philippines
Las Brisas Boracay, Boracay Philippines
Las Isla Bonita, Boracay Philippines
Le Soleil de Boracay, Boracay Philippines
Little Corner of Italy, Boracay Philippines
Lorenzo South, Boracay Philippines
Lorenzo Villa, Boracay Philippines
Mango Ray Resort, Boracay Philippines
Nami Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Nigi Nigi Nu Noos, Boracay Philippines
Nigi Nigi Too, Boracay Philippines
Nirvana Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Orchids Resort, Boracay Philippines
Paradise Bay Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Paradise Garden Resort, Boracay Philippines
Patio Pacific Boracay, Boracay Philippines
Pearl of the Pacific, Boracay Philippines
Pinjalo Resort Villas, Boracay Philippines
Queens Resort, Boracay Philippines
Red Coconut Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Royal Park Hotel, Boracay Philippines
Sand Castles Resort, Boracay Philippines
Sands Hotel, Boracay Philippines
Sea Wind Boracay, Boracay Philippines
Seraph Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines
Serendipity, Boracay Philippines
Shangrila Boracay Philippines
Sun Village Beachfront, Boracay Philippines
Surfside Resort, Boracay Philippines
Tonglen Resort, Boracay Philippines
True Home Hotel, Boracay Philippines
Villa Camilla, Boracay Philippines
Villa Criselda, Boracay Philippines
Waling Waling Beach Hotel, Boracay Philippines
Willy's Beach Resort, Boracay Philippines

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