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Batangas City Travel Tips & General Informations

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Batangas City, Philippines is 111.62 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

BATANGAS CITY: Best of the Islands Philippines

Cultural Tourist Attractions

Msgr. Clemente G.Yatco Museum
The museum was built in memory of the late parish priest who started to work for the creation of the museum. It is found within the compound of the basilica located at the city proper.

Location : Basilica Site, Batangas City
How to get there : Buses coming from Manila bound to Batangas City pass near the church. Within the province, the basilica site is also accessible by public utility jeepneys plying the Batangas City route.
Travel time : 2 1/2 hours' drive from Manila.


Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines


Ilagan Ancestral House
Buse from Manila bound for Lemery pass by the house. The place can be reached also by taking jeepneys and tricycles which service the town. Visiting the place is only made available by appointtment.

Location : Marcela Agoncillo St., Taal
How to get there : One can take a bus or rented car from Manila to the town of Taal. Once at the town proper, one may take a tricycle to reach the place.
Travel time : About 1 1/2 hours by car from Manila.

Taal Heritage Village
Taal reigns as one of the most culturally preserved sites of the Spanish colonial era. The other is Vigan in Ilocos Sur. The village conforms to the old town layout combining municipal hall-school-church and houses. The consists of the following tourist attractions:

Leon Apacible Historical Landmark (Natural Landmark)
The ancestral house of Leon Apacible with the family collection of relics and memorabilia.

Location : Marcela Agoncillo St., Taal
How to get there : The museum is just walking distance from the town proper. A visitor can walk through the streets of Taal and enjoy the old Spnish ambiance because the area has not changed much since the colonial times.
Travel time : 2 1/2 hours' drive from Manila.

Marcela Mariño Agoncillo Museum and Monument
This ancestral house belonging to Marcela Agoncillo, the distinguished Taaleña matron who helped sew the first Philippine flag is now a public viewing place.

Basilica of San Martin de Tours (Taal Basilica)
San Martin de tours is the Patron Saint of Taal in whose honor a feast is celebrated every November 11. The church was first built by Father Diego Espina in 1575 in San Nicolas. It was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 1754. It was rebuilt at the present site in 1755, but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1849. Construction of the present church was started in 1856 which was supervised by an architect, Lucina Oliver. It was once noted tobe the biggest church in the whole of East Asia.

The church is unique in the sense that it combines patriotic, religious and artistic influences. Writers point to its "theatrical exuberance". Its facade is Baroque and consists of a single mass of stone shaped into rich and complex designs. The church, however is a fusion of styles with arched openings, alternating segmental canopies and arches of asymmetric shapes.

Location : Taal
How to get there : From Manila, the place is accessible by car via the National Road. Buses from Manila bound for Lemery pass by the church.
Travel time : 2 1/2 hours' drive from Manila.

Escuela Pia
This centuries - old Spanish edifice used to be an educational institution in hispanic times. It is now an imposing architectural legacy left standing in the plaza compound.

Church of Our Lady of Caysasay
This church is one of the province's distinct cultural artifacts for housing some of the priceless relicts of the Spanish colonial perod. Among these relicts are: the 27-centimeter image of the Virgin which was fished out of the waters in 1603, the Augustinian emblems engraved in the communion rails, the ornately carved holy water receptacle, and the few remaining Baroque motifs which remains on the external frieze. The church has been renovated, but many interesting details of period art can still be appreciated. The original church-sanctuary also connects to an orphanage.

Location : Taal
How to get there : From Manila, the place is accessible by car via the National Road. Buses from Manila bound for Lemery pass b the church.
Travel time : About 2 1/2 hours from Manila.

Travel Tips General Informations in Batangas City

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