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Batangas City Travel Tips & General Informations

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Batangas City, Philippines is 111.62 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

BATANGAS CITY: Best of the Islands Philippines

Special Interest


Ligpo Island
Corals of different types and huge gorgonians in the area. The locations is on the west side of the island.

Approximately 75 feet south of the Dive 7000 Resort area and about 450 feet, lies a giant rock formation that looks like an underwater amphitheater. Originally virtually barren, the cathedral has been seeded with coral from other sites. Throngs of eager fish around visiting divers waiting to be fed.

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines


Caban Cove
This dive site is fairly sheltered. There are exotic coral formations, plenty of small tropical fish and an interesting small drop-off that goes down in graduated "steps." This is a good choice for shallow dives.

Layag-Layag Point
There are coral heads teeming with life and the water is usually crystal clear. There are also enough things to see to keep snorkelers interested.

Sombrero Island
The island's external shape resembles the shape of a hat. However, underwater, its profile makes its name "sombrero" even more appropriate In certain areas, diving is fairly shallows on the rim down to about 50 feet

The rim of the drop-off southwest of Sepok Point is a very good dive site with many varieties of marine life.

This area breaks the surface and then drops down to about 80 feet. This is a marvelous area for both wide-angle and macro-photography because of the abundant and varied coral formations and fish life.

Merriel's Rock
There are types of coral numerous enough to fascinate even a marine biologist.

Papaya Point
There is a drop-off topped by a wide variety of coral and inhabited by plenty of small reef fish.

Verde Island
The two most popular dive sites here are the Drop-off (0-300 feet) and the Spanish galleon which ran aground in 1620.

Maricaban / Tingloy
The island contains a cave at 125 feet, accessed by a tunnel, which makes for a challenging adventure.

Malahibong Manok Island
This dive site is 50-70 with a flat bottom and moderate to severe current. The major attraction is a hoyt spring in a haloow bed measuring 60-70 ft in depth. A round this area are excellent coral formations.


Evercrest Banyan Tree Resort
Designed using indigenous materials, this golf club and resort features a deluxe hotel lavished with world-calss amenities including stylish shops and fine restaurants.

Punta Baluarte, Calatagan
A nature resort set on the rolling hills of Hacienda Bigaa, Punta Baluarte offers first-rate accomodations, world-calss golf course and facilities.

Calatagan Golf Club
Lauded as one of the best international championship courses in Southeast Asia, this golf club holds another unique distinction: it is located in an arboretum where over 3,000 trees of local and foreign tree species are planted.

Mountain Climbing / Volcano Trekking

Mt. Maculot
One of the highest mountains in Batangas, Mt. Maculot has always been a favorie among mountaineers and trekkers alike. The name of the place was derived from the people with kinky hair who lived in the mountains.

Taal Volcano
The lowest volcano in the world is surrounded by a lake. It is accessible by boat from at least seven towns surrounding tha lake. Tour agencies as well as some Tagaytay rresorts offer tour packages to the lake. Jump off point is Agoncillo, Batangas.

Department stores in the heart of the Batangas City offer a myriad of goods ranging from kitchen ware and household appliances to fruits and handicrafts. The shops that litter the province showcase the artistry of Batangueños. In Taal town, the Barong Tagalog (local embroidered dress shirts for men made from jusi and piña or pineapple fibers) features intricate cutwork and crochet insertions. Balisong (Philippine Hand-made fan-knife) as well as rattan, bamboo and wood crafts are also excellent buys.

Night life
In Lipa and Batangas City, business establishment open after sundown offering an array of activities to include dining, ballroom dancing, live shows, piano bar and karaoke singing and other forms of after-dinner entertainment.

The many Barradas Air Strip is the official jump-off point of the Parachutist
Association of the Philippines. The air field features a parachuting field
measuring a length of 1,800 feet, width of 45 meters, a field elevation of 300 feet, and heading of 105 degrees to 23 degrees. Facilities include: 11 Single Engine Airplanes, 4 Crop Sprayers, 2 flying schools, and 5 charter planes. Airplane types include 6 Cessna 206, 2 Beechcraft Sundowners, and 3 Pipers.

Location : Barrio Santolan, Tanauan
How to get there : From the town proper, take a turn to A. Mabini road that leads to the town of Talisay. The distance is about three to four kilometers before reaching the rail road (about 200 meters) that leads to the site.

Travel time : Approximately 1 1/2 hours from Manila by car.

Travel Tips General Informations in Batangas City

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