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Batangas City, Philippines is 111.62 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

BATANGAS CITY: Best of the Islands Philippines

Natural Tourist Attractions

Gerthel Beach
Gerthel Beach which is located in the town of Lobo is one of the finest beaches of the area. The approximately one kilometer stretch of white sand beach has a gradually sloping ocean floor of up to about two hundred meters before the drop-off.

Location : Lobo
How to get there : The beach can be reached by taking a jeepney towards Lobo. Several tricycles can also be hired upon reaching the town proper. The distance from Batangas City to Lobo is about 37 kilometers.
Travel time : 2 1/2 hours from Manila.

Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines


Submarine Garden
The garden consists of living corals near the shore of one of the beaches of Lobo. It can be clearly seen during the early mornings when the water is clear and the tide is low.

Location : Lobo
How to get there : To reach the spot, a banca may be hired either in Batangas City or in Lobo town.
Travel time : Approximately 45 minutes by boat.

Mahabang Buhangin Beach
Located in the town of San Juan, the area has white sand and a living colony of corals.

Location : Laiya, San Juan
How to get there : San Juan town is about 45 kilometers from Batangas City. A bus company (Supreme Bus Co.) offers services from Batangas City to San Juan. Another alternative is via the town of Candelaria in Quezon Province. Upon reaching the town of Candelaria in Quezon Province. Upon reaching the town proper of San Juan, several jeepneys travel to Laiya but only up to a certain point, after which, one has to walk a kilometer before reaching the beach. The strecth of the road from the town to Laiya is 19 kilometers of very rough roads.

Travel time : 2 1/2 hours from Batangas City via the towns of Ibaan and Rosario.

Hugon Beach
The white sands of Hugon Beach is one kilometer long. Some parts of the sea floor have smooth rocks but most are sandy. There is a sudden drop-off about ten meters from the beach. The waters of the beach are also good for snorkelinh.

Location : Barangay Hugon, San Juan
How to get there : Barangay Hugon is about 24 kilometers from the town proper of San Juan. The roads are very rough and can only be reached by high axled vehicles. An alternative is by motor boat from Batangas City.
Travel time : The boat ride takes about 3-5 hours depending on the type of the engine of the boat.

Tingga Falls
The falls is about 30 feet high with a pool made into a swimming area at its base. It is semi-developed with concrete steps built for access.

Location : Daang Ibaan, Batangas City
How to get there : Tingga Falls is accessible by private vehicles from the city proper.
Travel time : About 15 minutes' drive from the city proper.

Munting Buhangin Beach
This small cove has become a favorite haunt with locals and tourists, and offers water enthusiasts with a fine stretch of powerdy white sand beach fringed with foamy blue waters.

Location : Nasugbu
How to get there : Take a banca ride from the coastal barangay of Wawa in the town of Nasugbu. An alternative is a short drive through at the private road in the town proper.
Travel time : The beach can be reached in 10 minutes by car.

Natipuan Beach
Natipuan Beach bears a resemblance to Munting Buhangin, with off-shore sands and refreshing waters. It is located in another cove which is similarly accessible.

Location : Nasugbu
How to get there : Nasugbu can be reached from Manila Via BLTB and Batangas-bound buses. Get off at Nasugbu Port for a brief ride to the point.
Travel time : About 12 minutes by boat from the prier of Nasugbu.

Taal Lake and Volcano
Taal Lake and Volcano in Batangas is Southern Luzon's centerpiece attraction The gateway for most visitors is through Tagaytay CIty from the ridge of which can be seen a panoramic view of volcano island. The volcano is known to be the smallest in the world. Surrounded by a lake, the volcano is situated on an 8.8 kilometer islet, lapped by the 27-kilometer long lake. Both the lake and the volcano are situated on the crater of an extinct volcano. The volcano island is also ideal for trekking.

Location : Taal
How to get there : It is accessible by boat from at least seven lakeshore towns surrounding the lake. Several buses servicing the province can lead to any town encircling the lake. The preferred towns where there are support facilities like accomodation and bancas for hire are Talisay, Agoncillo, Laurel, Balete, and San Nicolas.
Travel time : Approximately 2-3 hours from Metro Manila.

Mabuhay Beach
It is a two-kilometer long white sand beach situated in the town of Lian facing the China Sea. The are is deal for water sports, such as swimming, boating, yachting, fishing, and skin diving. Dotting the shoreline are several summer cottages.

Location : Matabungkay, Lian
How to get there : From Manila, the place can reached by car through Tagaytay City.
Travel time : About 2 to 3 hours' drive passing Tagaytay City.

Mt. Maculot
One of the highest and prominent mountains in the province, Mt. Maculot is one of the favorite sites of mountain trekker. It is said that the mountain was the last stronghold of the Japanese in the province before they were defeated. Several tunnels built by the Japanese soldiers are present in the area. The name "Maculot" (meaning "kinky") derived inspiration from the curly-haired aborigines of the place.

Location : Cuenca
How to get there : Buses bound for the town of by taking tricycles from the town proper.
Travel time : By car, Cuenca is about 1 1/2 hours away from Manila.

Calicon Falls
The attraction consists of two major falls and two smaller ones. One of the bigger falls is about 10 feet high with a great volume of clear gushing down to a shallow pool. The other one (also about 10 feet high) resembles a bridal gown. One of the two smaller falls is shower-like, while the other one forms a series of small caswcade. All the falls are located in an area of about 300 square meters.

Location : Barangay Calijon, Malavar
How to get there : The spot is accessible from Manila by buses bound for Batangas City or Lemery Pass by Malvar town. Although jeepneys service Barangay Calijon from the town proper, it is better to ride a private vehicle. Also, most parts of the about five-kilometers strech of road is rough. Upon reaching the area, a series of concrete steps (300 steps) will have to be taken.

Mainit Hot Spring
Mainit Hot Spring offers therapeutic waters and a refreshing dip for bathers. The spot is ideally located at the foot of a huge mountain with thick vegetation.
Location : Barangay Pulang Bato, San Juan
How to get there : Mainit hot spring is about 15 kilometers of very rough road from the town proper. It can
be reached by private vehicles with high axles.
Travel time : About 10 kilometers south of San Juan town.

Mahabang Buhangin
Locate on the island of Isla Verde, Mahabang Buhangin has an extensive of shoreline with a vast ribbon of fine white sand.

Location : Isla Verde
How to get there : Mahabang Buhangin is accessible by boat from the port of Batangas City. It is only calm and most accessible during the months of March to September when the wind is not flowing from the east. The months of October to February bring strong winds from the east which make the s ea very rough.
Travel time : Travel takes about 1 hour.

This is a spot where wind-tossed waves surge and slam against the rocky cliff supporting a long plateau. From atop the plateu, one can catch a breath taking view of the seascape especially when the weather is calm.

Location : Isla Verde

Cueva Sitio
The site is an ideal place for picnics. Its main attraction is rock shelter that has always provided cool shade for visitors.

Location : Isla Verde

Ilijan Falls
Ilijan is a unique waterfalss with water coming from a big spring at the top of a mountain gracefully flowing from one bowl to another. It has seven huge stone bowls carved naturally out of the mountainsides and beatifully arranged like a fl flight of stairs.

Location : Barangay Ilijan, Batangas City
How to get there : It is best to travel by boat from Batangas City port to reach the place.
Travel time : The trip takes about an hour. Upon arrival at the beach of Ilijan, a three- kilometer hike will have to be taken.

Sepok Point
Located on the south western part of Maricaban Island, Sepok Point has white sand and shores typical cove. A good place for swimming and snorkeling

Location : Maricaban/Tingloy Island
How to get there : Bancas which can be hired for the travel to this Island are found in Batangas City.
Travel time : 30 minutes' boat ride.

Bulalacao Falls
The area has about three small falls enclosed in a canyon, the highest of which is about 10 feet hugh with water coming out of the mouth of a small cave.

Location : Bulaklakan, Lipa City
How to get there : To reach the spot, from the main highway and coming from Manila, turn right (which leads to the town of Cuenca) at the junction in Lipa City After about 500 meters, turn right again to the road which leads to Barangay Bulaklakan.
Travel time : The distance covers two kilometers of rough road plus another kilometer from Barangay Bulaklakan.

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