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Batangas City Travel Tips & General Informations

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Batangas City, Philippines is 111.62 Kms.
away from Manila (Rizal Monument)

BATANGAS CITY: Best of the Islands Philippines

Religious Tourist Attractions

Church of San Juan
This church was built by the Augustinian friars around 1788. It has single-aisled interior which offers an unobstructed view of the large main altar. The altar is
is massive, with six rounded columns encircling the image of St. Joseph. Outside a multi-tierred bellfry stands which was built in the later 19th century; a bridge offers passage to the church over the Malaquing Tubig River.

Location : San Jose, Batangas City


Source of Information: Department of Tourism, Philippines


Tanauan Church
This church was built in 1881 along the Romanesque lines of churches in Europe, but local builders have incorporated neo-classic lines especially along the external sides of the church. Rounded arches tapering down to the strong pillars harmonize with uncluttered lines of the central ceilings. The church is remarkable
for its wide open central nave and circular niches.

Location : Tanauan, Batangas
How to get there : From Manila, take BLTB or Batangas City bound buses and alight at Tanauan, then take a tricycle to the church.
Travel time : 1 1/2 to 2 hours' drive from Manila.

Church of the Guillermo of Talisay
The construction of the church was begun by Spanish friars in 1892 but it suffered a heavy damage in 1898. Restorations have enabled the structure to be functional until today.

Location : Talisay

Church of Imaculate Concepcion of Bauan
Church of the Imaculate Concepcion of Bauan was first constructed in 1700. It was built around neo-classical lines and its walls are broken by Gothic lancet
windows. The altar has tri-centered arch with the niche containing the statue of the Virgin. The facade of the church features both geometric and circular forms. It has a bell tower which is hexagonal, and rests in a base decorated with coupled colums, topped by a campanile. The church is arcade with capiz shell windows on the upper level.

Location : Bauan
How to get there : From Manila, take Batangas-bound for Bauan or Lemery.
Travel time : 1 1/2 to 2 drive hours' from Manila.

Church of Our Lady of Caysasay
This church is one of the province's distinct cultural artifacts, for housing some of the priceless relics of the Spanish colonial period. Among these is the 27- centimeter image of the Virgin which was finished out of the waters in 1603, the Augustinian emblems engraved in the communion rails, the ornately carved holy water receptacle, and the few reamaining Baroque motifs which remain on the extenal friege. The church has been renovated,but many interesting details of period art can still be appreciated. The original church-sanctuary also connects to an orphanage.

Location : Taal
How to get there : Take Manila buses or hired car bound for Taal, Batangas. From the Taal basilica one can hire a tricycle towards the site. An alternative is form the San Lorenzo Ruiz arch and steps, popularly known as "hagdan hagdan", a 125-step staircase leading from the town proper t to the sanctuary.
Travel time : Approximately 2 1/2 hours from Manila.

Carmelite Convent of Lipa
This convent of the contemplative order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was the site of a mysterious "Shower of Petals" to a visionary nun afetr World War II.

Location : Lipa City
How to get there : The place is accessible by car from Manila.
Travel time : 1 1/2 hours' drive from Manila.

Lipa Cathedral
Built in the Romanesque tradition with circular dome, massive walls and balconies the cathedral is the center of Sunday workship in the historic town of Lipa,
Batangas. Lipa Cathedral was originally built to honor St. Sebastian. Its first
grand transept was completed in 1865 but after the war, it underwent massive reconstruction. This beautiful church has an architecture which used columns and arches in an ascending and descending order, creating the effect of a shadow
and-light play. The domes of the church and bell tower have intricate moldings and arched stained-glass windows. The nave or body of the church is barrel- vaulted and now illuminated by modern chandeliers. The church also features a winding stairway to the choir loft.

Location : Lipa City
How to get there : Take a bus from Manila for Batangas City Travel time : 1 1/2 hours' from Manila

San Jose Church
This church was built by the Augustinian friar Fr. Manuel Blanco in 1812. It has a large one-aisle interior and is remarkable for its restored main altar, geometrical
decorations and flowery capitals on the columns. The church is a paragon of Baroque architecture in the Philippines, and combines this with the neo-classical
lines of an adjacent convent. The pulpit and canopy is study in intricate carvings of local flora.

Location : San Jose Batangas

Travel Tips General Informations in Batangas City

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